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Tomiss Danish Design
ds 11 ~ Male
DNA result : coat colour is Red & Non carrier of diluted
Amber : he is carrier of amber

I trusted this lovely boy to my friend at Cattery ES*Aguafresca Spania
Moved to Spain at 15. august 2013

Dear Cat Friends,

If you hear some bad rumors and accusations about me, in respect to me as a breeder
and in respect to my beautiful male DK Tomiss Danish Design sold to Spain,
I kindly ask you to pay attention to this:

After Danish Design moved into his new home he is, according to his new owner,
suffering from both Herpes and Coccidia,
and his teets are damaged because of this herpes virus. The buyer calls it Gingitivitis.

I have been directly accused Friday, 8 of November of 2013, in a mail,
that Tomiss Danish Design has infected all the cats living at Cattery Aquafresca.
In the same mail the new owner tells me to pay all the expenses for vet, testing, treatment etc. of all of his cats,
because he claims that Danish Design came to his cattery with these diseases.

The owner informed me that, If I do not pay,
he will violate the legal contract he has signed with me and will have to use Danish Design,
a cat that his according to him infected with Herpes Virus,
for matings outside his cattery in order to be able to get some money back – as kind of a payback.

Danish Design has been sold with restrictions, and the owner has agreed with them.
Contracts have always been something "sacred" amongst ethic breeders,
no reason his strong enough to do such a dishonest thing has breaking a contract you have signed.

If there is something that you consider to not be ok, you solve them by other ways,
not by using a cat infected with herpes virus to do external matings,
violating your contract and infecting a lot more other cats with it!!!
It is not even legal according to FIFe rules,
you cannot use a cat for breeding that his infected with herpes virus!!!

When I read about this, I of course asked for medical documentation proving this claims.
So far, I have not received any documentation proving this claims!

I also started thinking that Danish Design´s litter and E1-litter grew up together,
and they were 12 healthy kittens here in our home.
For Danish Design to be infected in our home before moving to Spain,
they would have to be very intelligent parasites and virus
because they have only infected 1 kitten, not infecting the other 11.

So I immediately decided Monday, 11th of November 2013,
to have the mother and father of Danish Design tested for Herpes.
The results come very fast : Both parents are negative for Herpes!!!

At the same time, the mother of DK Tomiss Danish Design had her poops checked for coccidia and nothing has been found!!!
The laboratory did not find even 1 egg of worms. no signs of Coccidia or other endoparasits of ANY kind!
So The facts are, that Danish Design was not sold infected.

That only leaves 2 possibilities:
- DD was infected in his new home at Cattery Aquafresca
- DD is not infected at all and this is only a justification to violate the restrictions of the contract that the buyer has signed

And to my big surprise, last weekend the buyer has went to a show with his cats,
that allegedly are all infected with herpes virus, including Danish Design,
and sold kittens with no quarantine at all.

DK*Tomiss Danish Design got CACJ, NOM, Best Junior Male semilong hair and Best Of Breed .
This cat that was so bad, so sick and from such a bad breeder,
has won almost everything that was possible to won.
Ain't life full of irony?

Under normal circumstances, I would not write about this story in public,
I am a person that hates this kind of gossips in breeding world.
But a few days after this e-mail,
the buyer has started to talk openly about his accusations against me and my breed on Facebook,
with hundreds of breeders could read it,
so I have no other solution than to defend myself and my honesty from this false allegations I am being accused.

He even accused me of not asking often about Danish Design,
although he knows that I am currently not coming to the computer very often
because of my last sergury in oct. and this new cancer medication.
What kind of monster makes you an accusation like that
knowing you are spending a lot of your time on the hospital, not on the computer?

I trusted such a beautiful boy to a breeder which I thought was a good friend.
Instead, I am so sad to learn that Danish Design´s new owner was only a friend
until he got his hands on the shaded and amber genes of Danish Design.

This boy represents years of work from me and my friends trying to develop this shaded lines,
so I want everybody reading this to know without any kind of doubt two very important things:
- This accusations are not true, here you have the proofs that this kitten was not infected when he was sold
- If the buyer tries to violate the contract he has signed in any way,
me and my friends will take a legal action against him.
For that matter, I have already designated a legal attorney that can practice in Palma de Mallorca.

The buyer is free to return the cat if he wants .

Here are the dokumentations for my cats:

Attest Coccidia (and all other endoparasiter) - Shung Fei vom Ambergarten - the kittens motherNEGATIV

Attest Herpes 2013 - Shung Fei vom Ambergarten - the kittens mother NEGATIV

Attest Herpes 2013 - Tomiss Tender Love - the kittens father NEGATIV

Attest Herpes 2012 - Tomiss Tender Love - the kittens father NEGATIV


A herpes infected cat is NOT a breeder cat in our breed!
All serious breeders will avoid using herpes infected cats in their breed.
This herpes will always be transmited to the other cats they mate and to the small kittens.
A herpes infected cat will remain infected for life.


I also recived a picture with the e-mail, showing that the infected cats poop next to the litterbox.
And I will not comment on this picture.
This low quality cat litter I will not even use to my housecat.
Danish Design and all our cats in DK Tomiss are only using Extreme Classic (for breeders) in their XXL litterboxes with privacy,
and I also sent a link to Extreme Classic on Zooplus (Spain) to José Luis,
but he prefers this other one...


And I will say thank you to all you many breeders and friends,
who was online and did read this facebook topic with the accusations,
hurting bad talk about my person, my cancer and personal health issues, making fun of me as a person
and supported me fully and choosed to not write one word in this topic because of respect
for my person and nearly 20 years breeding work.
Thank you for your trust and for bellieve in my innocence.
Together gave you this 2-3 peoples the opportunity to talk with them self
and me the time to defend myself.
Your support on privat was all what I needed.
Thank you !


Tomiss Danish Design
ds 11 ~ Male

DNA result : coat colour is Red & Non carrier of diluted
Amber : he is carrier of amber





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